Pricing Thoughts

Photography is crazy expensive, right?  You would think that for an hour or two worth of work, it wouldn’t cost so much.  I get it. I’ve had those thoughts.  Sometimes, I still have those thoughts.

If you’ve seen the breakdown of a photographer’s time after a photo shoot, it’s not exaggerated. It truly takes up to 20 hours to put together a gorgeous photography collection. The pricing structure is an attempt to capture the creative vision of the photographer, the hours spent pouring over the photographs to choose the best shots, and the retouching or editing time that ensures the highest quality photos.  All of this is to ultimately provide a stunning collection of images that can be printed, displayed, shared, or simply viewed.  So yes, the pricing reflects both the photo shoot as well as everything that comes after.

Still, it may seem like quite an investment.  It is.  Capturing moments in time will always be an investment regardless of the photographer you choose. Having done my own personal family shots for some time, I can tell you that the freedom to enjoy the moment (and actually be in the picture) is well worth it.   

My goal is to provide you with a gorgeous and inspired collection that for years to come will stir your heart and mind each time you see them.