I was born in Peru, but spent most of my life in Texas. I grew up with a passport in hand and my heart in two worlds - small town Texas and an international capital. Everything about those two worlds followed me throughout life: food, family, culture, community, nature, travel and sports. In 2020, we uprooted from Texas and moved to Colorado to be closer to nature. Life is short, why not be surrounded by trees and mountains if it makes you happy.

My first camera was a pink and purple Le Clic pocket 110 camera. I snapped pictures of friends, crushes, family, pets and everything in between. Even then, I knew photographs held power. 

Photography is magical, and that's why I do what I do. Whether it's a family portrait or an editorial image, a photograph has the ability to instantaneously transport you to a specific time and place.

Images can remind us how much things change, how far we've come or where we want to go. My hope is that through my images you are reminded of the greatness in life.